Recovery Zone by HyperIce

Our goal is to provide effective treatment and faster recovery, and to train our clients to administer self-care to prevent injuries from recurring. To that end, we have partnered with the top brand in recovery tools, HyperIce, and created a room dedicated to recovery. 

At the end of a Complete Care session, clients will enjoy the benefits of our specialized Recovery Zone featuring Normatec compression therapy. They will be be offered instruction on which tools to utilize that will assist muscle recovery for their specific needs, along with guidance on how to maximize the effectiveness of self-care. 

Tools available include:

  • Hypervolt BT
  • Venom heat and vibration back wrap
  • Hypersphere vibrating massage ball
  • Hypersphere mini
  • Vyper vibrating foam roller
  • and more!

Stand alone access to the Recovery Zone (without ART treatments) are sold in 30 minute blocks. Recovery Zone sessions must be scheduled (no walk-ins); availability can be found by clicking the Book Now button below.

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